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I'm not writing to be read

Achraf Ait Sidi Hammou

I’m not writing to be read. In fact, I’ve decided to remove every tracker from this website a few weeks ago.

Big creators like David Perell, Nathan Barry and Tiago Forte, shared how they miss the early days when they had an audience of just a few hundred people.

Once you have an audience, everything becomes more serious. Every detail needs to be optimized to make the numbers go up. Titles, structures, topics, covers, timing. The results matter more than the exercise.

I have no intention to share this blog anywhere anytime soon (except from indexing on google).

The only goal for this blog is to practice writing and leave a mark for my future self. I want to be able to look back in 5, 10, 20 years and see what I was thinking about and how.

Same thing with the goal-related posts. This is not one of these open report or accountability schemes. I just found that my blog is the most reliable place to store notes. When I write my goals in a note-taking app, I tend to lose it (reorganizing too often) or edit too often (as my goals evolve). But here, once I’ve hit publish, the friction to move or edit the post is much higher and so I just let go and keep it that way.