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Introducing ScrambledTech, your Nerd-Friend-as-a-Service

Achraf Ait Sidi Hammou

TLDR; I’m launching the first personalized newsletter in tech. Every day, I curate the best of hackernews.com based on your interests. Forget the generic list and get your personal brew by joining the waitlist!

Over the past 6 months I’ve been trying to be more intentional about the content I consume. It was triggered by finding all the ways content is similar to food.

The first step was getting rid of all the 20+ newsletters I was subscribing to, but couldn’t find the time to read. It felt amazing! Until I felt lost again.

What this “detox” made me realize, is the importance of curation in our current user-generated content world (aka web2.0).

Every hour, 40 posts are submitted to hackernews.com, 1.5k on reddit.com, 30k on youtube.com, 35M on twitter.com.

That’s more than you can consume in your entire life. Generated in a single hour.

Now I understand why newsletters are so valuable. They carve out the signal from all the noise and send it your way.

So I asked myself, what are the most valuable ones? You guessed it, I wasn’t looking for even more content, but for curation. I was looking for curated lists.

But after subscribing back to 1, 2, 3 newsletters of curated lists, something hit me (I mean not literally). All these lists were pretty much the same, and they were all coming from hackernews.com!

So you’re telling me that 200k+ people are subscribing to newsletters that simply take the top 30 links from hackernews.com and send it to you? Come on, there has to be a better way to curate content on the internet in 2022.

In fact, this year I had an internship where I built recommendation systems so I knew exactly what it meant to personalize recommendations. That’s the missing point: personalization.

That’s what draws us and gets us addicted to the feed of instagram.com, youtube.com, tiktok.com and twitter.com. It’s the power of the algorithm to somehow know exactly what we want to consume at this exact moment.

Do you really think that if twitter.com would just put the most liked tweets of the day on your feed they’d get that much use and retention? Of course not!

That’s why I’m introducing ScrambledTech, the personalized tech newsletter that curates the best of hackernews.com, every day, and sends it in your inbox. Simple and effective.

I do have dozens of ideas to bring it to the next level (expanding to other sources, creative ways of enriching your list, etc), but I first want to nail down that part and make a newsletter that 100 people swear by.

If that sounds up your alley make sure to join the waitlist 🤗