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TL;DR: I’m launching the first personalized curated newsletter. Every day, I curate the best of Hacker News just for you. Forget the generic list. Join the waitlist!

Over the past 6 months I’ve been trying to be more intentional about the content I consume. It was triggered by finding all the ways content is similar to food.

The first step was getting rid of all the 20+ newsletters I was subscribing to, but never found the time to read. It felt amazing! But I quickly felt too disconnected.

What this “detox” made me realize, is the importance of curation.

Every hour, 40 posts are submitted to Hacker News, 1.5k on, 30k on, 35M on

That’s more than you can consume in your entire life. Generated in a single hour.

Now I understand the value of newsletters: they carve out the signal from the noise and send it to you.

So I got back into curated newsletters again. 1, 2, 3 newsletters in, and something hits me. All these lists are pretty much the same. And they’re all from Hacker News!

That’s why I’m introducing ScrambledTech, the personalized tech newsletter that curates the best of Hacker News, every day, and sends it in your inbox. Simple and effective.

I do have dozens of ideas to push it to the next level (expanding to other sources, creative ways of enriching your list, etc), but I first want to nail that part and make a newsletter that a hundred people swear by.

You can signup here 🤗