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Momentum is more important than passion

Achraf Ait Sidi Hammou

One of my favourite quote from Dalton Caldwell:

Guess what gives you passion? That damn thing working! Success. Revenue.

Like many other insights, it didn’t clicked until I actually experienced it.

Looking back at the 10+ projects I started over the past couple years, the one thing that all the projects I ended up working on longer than a week have in common is momentum. And the reason I abandon the others is because I had zero users and zero outside interest.

I found there’s zero correlation between how much I’m interested in the idea and my propensity to work on it. The interest of others in the project makes me want to pursue it much more than my own interest for it.

But I think this insight is actually more powerful if we use it the other way around.

The lesson I want to takeaway is not that I should discard my own interests entirely to pursue ideas that will have the most momentum. But rather, that I can use momentum to make sure I’ll stick with the ideas I like the most.

So now, I’m trying to build momentum from day one. I know that the first iteration of a product will always be incomplete and most likely end up in the trash. But what really matter is having users on the other side waiting for you. Accountability.